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PDOIS aims to facilitate the building of a Secular , Democratic, Sovereign Republic with each citizen serving in equal measure as a depository of the sovereignty of the Republic and, in concert with others, demonstrates equal ownership of public authority which is exerted in an informed manner to create a community of sovereign citizens who are equal in rights and freedoms irrespective ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion ,philosophy, physical and other features, and further brings about a self- reliant and self- determined development by harnessing mineral and extractable resources to become architects of a self- reliant and self- determined destiny of liberty , dignity and prosperity, thus earning them an equal station with all other peoples in the world.

Institutions and Action Plan for Regional Integration


Establish a Ministry for Regional Integration, African Unity and International Cooperation. Create joint Commissions of Experts to prepare programmatic policy documents and templates for Regional Integration, African Unity and International Cooperation. Promote Establishment of  a Regional and continental Central Bank, Currency, Monetary Fund, Stock Markets, Trading Organisation and Investment Bank to pioneer inter African trade , and world  trade, on a more equitable footing that will be backed by stable continental currencies, continental central bank and continental Monetary fund  and Development Banks.

Action Plan:

Hold bilateral, regional, continental and international negotiations to come up with a programmatic policy document that will create a template on how bi-lateral, regional, continental and international cooperation could be fostered to make the sovereignty of people and the accumulation of sovereign national wealth to eradicate poverty and ensure prosperity, a reality.

Give special priority to facilitate a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Casamance, by calling for the transformation of the Senegalese Army in Casamance into a Republican Army which protects the people, render health services, and enhance infrastructural development. A Sovereign national Conference with mandate to come up with an Economic, political, civil, social, cultural and ecological agenda for the region will be recommended. It will enable combatants to become entrepreneurs,  retrain  people  in all fields of endeavour and academia to enable them  occupy their rightful place in Casamance as teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and technicians of all sorts. Donor conferences will aim to give the territory a new start through massive investment in infrastructural development and social uplifting programmes. 

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