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PDOIS aims to facilitate the building of a Secular , Democratic, Sovereign Republic with each citizen serving in equal measure as a depository of the sovereignty of the Republic and, in concert with others, demonstrates equal ownership of public authority which is exerted in an informed manner to create a community of sovereign citizens who are equal in rights and freedoms irrespective ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion ,philosophy, physical and other features, and further brings about a self- reliant and self- determined development by harnessing mineral and extractable resources to become architects of a self- reliant and self- determined destiny of liberty , dignity and prosperity, thus earning them an equal station with all other peoples in the world.

Programme for Regional and African Integration

Enter into a cooperation agreement with our neighbour Senegal, to establish a joint commission of jurists to review constitutional and legal instruments regarding governance with a view to harmonizing, standardizing and adopting them to promote regional integration and African Unity on a democratic foundation that will serve as a pillar to uphold the fundamental rights of our peoples. 

This template of a Republican Constitution will be presented to African countries and international community to promote creation of a monarchy free Century, and thus earn Africa honour and respect for promoting such an epoch making agenda.  Expand the two states one people concept between Senegal and Gambia as a model for African integration  through harmonisation of republican and democratic values, instruments, institutions and culture as well as coordination of  development  and strategic plans, programmes and projects in all sectors to facilitate  enjoyment of liberty, prosperity and good neighbourliness by the two peoples. Promote economic, civil, political, social, cultural and ecological policies, plans, programmes and projects of a federal nature, for the continent, and facilitate cooperation among regions of the world for fairer trade and a fairer monetary and financial system.  

Encourage diaspora Gambians and Africans in general, to form joint stock companies and invest in the country and the continent to promote economic development that goes along with corporate responsibility to eradicate poverty.

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