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PDOIS aims to facilitate the building of a Secular , Democratic, Sovereign Republic with each citizen serving in equal measure as a depository of the sovereignty of the Republic and, in concert with others, demonstrates equal ownership of public authority which is exerted in an informed manner to create a community of sovereign citizens who are equal in rights and freedoms irrespective ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion ,philosophy, physical and other features, and further brings about a self- reliant and self- determined development by harnessing mineral and extractable resources to become architects of a self- reliant and self- determined destiny of liberty , dignity and prosperity, thus earning them an equal station with all other peoples in the world.

Cultural Transformation: - A Nation in Cultural Diversity and National Identity

Promote and preserve cultural heritages that enhance human dignity, self-worth, liberty and prosperity and thus fuse identities and values originating from diverse cultural backgrounds into an identity and values of a sovereign community of sovereign Gambian citizens in a Republic.

Combat vestiges of prejudices emanating from ethno-linguistic origins, monarchical and caste systems, religious allegiances, gender orientation and other practices which undermine the integrity of a sovereign person in particular and diverse groups in general.

Establish a house of culture in each village, district, region and urban centre for artistic and other cultural expressions, in order to promote appreciation of each other’s origins and ensure respect for the upholding of republican and democratic values and ways of life of sovereign people.

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