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PDOIS aims to facilitate the building of a Secular , Democratic, Sovereign Republic with each citizen serving in equal measure as a depository of the sovereignty of the Republic and, in concert with others, demonstrates equal ownership of public authority which is exerted in an informed manner to create a community of sovereign citizens who are equal in rights and freedoms irrespective ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion ,philosophy, physical and other features, and further brings about a self- reliant and self- determined development by harnessing mineral and extractable resources to become architects of a self- reliant and self- determined destiny of liberty , dignity and prosperity, thus earning them an equal station with all other peoples in the world.

Building an Economy that Guarantees a living Income for All Gambians

To guarantee adequate income for all Gambians that are willing and able to work, PDOIS will transform our current economic system that relies on a narrow capital, investment, production and taxation base by linking agricultural production to processing. Over 70% of our population is engaged in agriculture and by establishing agricultural goods processing plants, employment will be created and at the same time a ready market for the farmer.

PDOIS will also focus on prospecting and the harnessing of mineral, oil and other resources which are sources of National Wealth  for  public  sector  use in promoting  infrastructural development, sustainable and timely loan repayment scheme, and the  provision of social services; thus enabling the government to rationalise taxation by making it affordable and sustainable while  promoting  capital formation from all sectors of the economy – public, private, cooperative and informal, to ensure a balanced and proportionate growth of the productive base of the economy in order to eradicate poverty and promote prosperity.

2. Encourage the Private sector to be an engine for mobilising capital and foreign direct investment for productive private sector investment, so that it would complement the aim of promoting poverty eradication and the enhancement of general welfare through corporate responsibility.

3. The cooperative sector will be an engine for accumulating Cooperative finances to support family farms, create small scale processing of grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, milk products with appropriate technology for grassroots development.

Cooperative Banks and marketing cooperatives would enhance processing by purchasing value added products from small scale producers and provide refrigeration and transportation facilities to markets.

Micro financial institutions will assist informal sector enterprising producers with finance and production inputs.  

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