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Human Rights, Civic Awareness and Prison Reform

  • A Protected Right to Freedom of Expression and Access to Information

    Enact a Freedom of Information Act to remove secrecy from public administration and make administrators accountable to the public they serve, and responsive to enquiries of the media that are supposed to keep people informed. Establish a National Council of Media Practitioners as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism and a means to promote professionalism in media practice.

    Eradicate laws, institutions and law enforcement practices that hinder freedom of expression and undermine the security of a Sovereign person, or do not protect and enlarge liberties, rights, security, safety and freedom of a sovereign people.

  • Repeal Bad Laws and Decriminalise Dissent

    Enact laws, establish institutions and law enforcement practices that enlarge and protect rights and freedoms. We will ensure that conventions on fundamental rights and freedoms that are ratified by parliament will automatically be domesticated by promulgating relevant provisions in the Constitution.

    Review of the Criminal Code to decriminalise provisions that are not reasonable or justifiable in a Republic or Democratic society, and rationalise penalties to be equivalent to crime committed.

  • Human Rights and Civic Awareness

    Establish a National Human Rights Commission to monitor and ensure protection against violations of Human Rights. 

    Launch a nationwide literacy and Civic Education Program to educate people on their fundamental rights and freedoms to promote democratic and Republican values and consolidate social justice.

  • Police and Prison Reform

    Conduct a reform of prisons and prison administration. Introduce community service as alternative to imprisonment to eradicate retributive justice. Establish a National Police Service Commission and a National Prison Service Commission to appoint police and prison staff.

    Establish a National Prison Supervisory Committee and subcommittees to replace the current prison visiting committees to monitor prison conditions and ensure proper administration of prison services. Imams of major mosques and Priests of major churches, union leaders and leaders of registered civil societies or associations, will be honorary human rights commissioners and social auditors who will visit police cells, prisons and other places of detention to check conditions and make representation for compliance with laws, or propose improvement or reforms in the administration of such public institutions.

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