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International Relations and Regional Integration

  • International Relations

    PDOIS aims to give concrete expression to the aspiration to transform the world into a universal home for human kind, where each nation, big or small, will cooperate, and sub regions and continents will establish Communities of states, and even federations, that will co-exist with similar entities, in the spirit of good neighbourliness, equality and mutual interest, and provide to each sovereign person enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social, cultural and ecological rights.

  • Regional and Sub-regional Integratoin

    Promote Sub-regional Integration, African Unity and International Cooperation with the Commonwealth and UN member states through adoption and harmonisation of Republican and Democratic values, instruments, institutions and culture at all levels, so that sovereign Communities of free and dignified persons, rooted in social justice, will thrive everywhere to ensure enjoyment of a life of liberty in prosperity and thus guarantee world peace and security.

    Enter into a cooperation agreement with our neighbour Senegal, to establish a joint commission of jurists to review constitutional and legal instruments regarding governance with a view to harmonising, standardising and adopting them to promote regional integration and African Unity on a democratic foundation that will serve as a pillar to uphold the fundamental rights of our peoples. 

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