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Objective, Policy and Programme for Participatory and People Centered Governance

Strategic Objective:

To build a community of sovereign citizens whose sense of belonging to a community of Gambian nationals will be put  above other affinities in terms of ethno–linguistic origin, gender, religion and other  parochial distinctions; an informed citizenry who will  have the right and audacity  to ask of the community what is required to have education, skills, good health, employment,  housing, proper sanitation, protection at old age,  or in case of disability, an adequate recreation in order to  live in liberty, dignity and prosperity and who will recognise their duty to give to the community what it requires to provide the needs of all and ensure that each enjoys  individual and social justice.

Policy Directives:

Ensure inclusive and participatory governance by mobilising active participation of people in managing National Affairs. Governance will  therefore involve  people organised into civil associations  to serve as social auditors  who will  scrutinise, criticise  and restrain tendency towards misrepresentation, bad governance, mismanagement and impunity, on one hand, and on the other,  serve as the ears, eyes and  mouths of the people who will  speak truth to authority in defence of legitimate  individual and  public interest.

Promote strong community relations as a means of preventing alienation and its attendant problem of crime and harmful social behaviour.


Develop a four-year development programme to ensure balanced and proportionate development of the social sectors such as health, education, housing, social welfare and recreational facilities.  

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