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Action Plan for Political Transformation

Combat monarchical and self-perpetuating rule of the Presidency by promoting a national consensus on a one term mandate after transfer of power from the current administration, followed by  a constitutional amendment, to introduce a two four-year term limit, as is the case in Nigeria and USA; 

Introduce Gender parity for two thirds of Cabinet posts and subject appointments and dismissal of Ministers to National Assembly approval;

Introduce proportional representation for two thirds of the seats in Parliament, so that one third of the membership will ensure gender parity and institutionalize it in preparing a selection list for the would-be occupants of those seats;

Eliminate the post of nominated members and replace it with a policy of proportional representation; 

Establishment of a Special Service Commission comprising a retired Chief Justice, or judge, and two male and female retired senior civil servants to be responsible for appointments to Commissions such as the Independent Electoral Commission with Party leaders having the right to raise objections and be heard by the commission which will sit publicly to preside over the hearing of the objections. The term limit for members of the Commission will be aligned to two electoral cycles.

A Special Service Commission will appoint the Chief Justice subject to approval by the president and the National Assembly. It will appoint judges and magistrates in consultation with the judicial service commission. Judges and magistrates will be subject to removal only for misconduct or infirmity after a hearing before a tribunal and the removal of judges will require the approval of the National Assembly.

Ensure Security of tenure of parliamentarians by subjecting them to removal only through the exercise of the right to recall by the electorate.

Encourage separation between party, Business and state by requiring presidents to surrender party leadership positions, entrust their Businesses to trustees and concentrate on being every body’s President.

Implement decentralisation and devolution of power by replacing Governors with Regional permanent Secretaries representing the Ministry for Regional Administration.

Establish elected councils to administer villages, districts and regions.

Establish a jury system for district tribunals with presidents appointed by the Judicial Service Commission and removable only for misconduct or infirmity ascertained by a tribunal.


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