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Objectives, Policy and Institutional Reforms for Political Transformation

Strategic Objective: 

Giving concrete expression and meaning to the attainment of the right to self-determination and Independence, embodied in the sovereign Republic by ensuring that each citizen is an embodiment of the sovereignty of the Republic and that collectively we are the architects of our destiny.

Policy Directives aims: 

To eradicate all vestiges of monarchical or self-perpetuating rule, by transforming each citizen into a sovereign and equal stakeholder of public authority within a sovereign community of citizens, irrespective of place of birth, ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion and other status; on the basis of whose decision and authority leadership at village, district, regional and national levels is legitimised, and in the pursuit of whose liberty, dignity and prosperity such authority is exercised;

To ensure that the state exists for the people and not the people for the state;

To underscore that Government is not an end in itself but a means to promote liberty, dignity and prosperity.


To commission a four year development programme on governance aimed at ensuring that all instruments, institutions and normative practices associated with governance, are designed to affirm and consolidate the sovereignty of the citizen and protect and enlarge the liberty, dignity and prosperity of all. The programme will be characterised by Constitutional and legal reforms.

Institutional Reform:

Institutional reform of the executive, legislature, judiciary, the public service, the office of the ombudsman, the Independent Electoral Commission and other oversight organs will be undertaken.


A commission of Gambian jurists will be constituted to conduct a review of the Constitution and laws that different stakeholders deem to be unreasonable and unjustifiable in a democratic society, in consultation with the wider public and propose reforms that will be followed by a referendum. 

A commission, which will include ex senior public servants, will be constituted to review and make recommendations on public service reform.

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