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Institutions for Economic Transformation

To establish a Ministry of Finance to be responsible for exercising direction and control over the Sovereign National Wealth Fund (Consolidated Fund) through fiscal, budgetary, monetary and public investment policies and strategic plans in consultation with the Central Bank.

To establish a Ministry for Economic Planning, Trade and Development to keep track of capital formation at home and from Foreign Direct Investment, monitor its alignment with the productive base of the economy such as agriculture, Industry, services, trade and infrastructure and provide sectoral policies, strategies   and action plans to ensure a balanced, results based, target or priority oriented and measurable growth trends towards poverty eradication and prosperity

To establish an Investment Commission to receive complaints and oversee the smooth flow of capital to the productive base of the economy, especially from Diaspora Gambians, and prevent or redress all obstacles to capital flow to the productive base through proper monitoring, whistle blowing as well as proposing preventive strategies or remedies.

To establish a Ministry for Industrial and Infrastructural development to help link agriculture with value added processing and to facilitate investment complemented by infrastructural development.

To establish a Permanent lands commission to initiate a study and continue to monitor the land tenure system in the country, properly delineate and maintain records of land based on private ownership, family ownership, village ownership and public ownership. It will properly delineate land meant for agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, recreational, conservational and infrastructural use. It will, along with the Ministry of Lands, Urban and Regional Development facilitate the preparation of a programmatic policy document on land tenure, land use and management in promoting Urban and Regional development.

To establish a National Environment Commission to evaluate all prospective developments which are likely to impact on the environment, and monitor compliance with standards set to protect it and promote sustainable development through establishing compliance criteria for each sector.

A National Transport Authority will oversee the building and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary for air, road, rail and sea transport.

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