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A Sovereign National Wealth Fund: - National Wealth for National Development

Earnings from minerals, royalties and dividends shall be paid into a Sovereign National Wealth Fund for public sector investment in public enterprises or joint private public enterprises, maintain services, finance sustainable loans, build infrastructure, replenish our reserves and  protect the value of national currency. Sign performance contract with public enterprises to ensure payment of dividends. 

The Central Bank of the Gambia and the Ministry of Finance will ensure that excess liquidity in the Sovereign National Wealth fund will be combined with that  found in the accounts of public enterprises to invest in bonds in the external market to ensure the availability of foreign exchange, the replenishing and blossoming of foreign reserves, the sustainability and growth of trade and the consolidation of a robust financial sector for productive investments. 

A sovereign National Wealth fund will be maintained by village Councils, District Councils and Regional Councils into which a percentage of income from minerals in a given area, or royalties from use of natural resources of an area and other incomes will be deposited to promote the development of the respective sectors. The percentage to be awarded to each sector will be determined by negotiation and legitimised through contract.

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