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Agriculture: - Towards Food Self Sufficiency and Industrialization

To enact laws to prevent the disposal of family farm lands because of poverty and transform them into large scale farms with family members as shareholders, by creating schemes for such families to access credit from the cooperative banking sector to enable them to purchase farm inputs and expand production and yield. Those who have user rights, regarding borrowed farm lands for years will also become shareholders on the basis of negotiation on how to become shareholders of family farms, to prevent them from being landless after family lands are transformed into large scale farms. Those who are found to be landless will also be assisted to have income from cooperative credit schemes geared towards poverty eradication to enable them to invest to become shareholders in large scale farms. 

Since it is often deemed risky to invest private capital of the Commercial Banks in rural agriculture, because of the absence of easily disposable collateral, the cooperative banking system will be aligned to large scale family  farms through a cooperative marketing enterprise which will be linked to the cooperative enterprises  and the family farms, in order  to provide easy outlet for their produce in order to attract  a higher and fairer share of the world market price to make farming a middle income enterprise.

These cooperative marketing enterprises will expand the absorptive capacity of the domestic consumers for domestic farm produce, by linking producers to hotels and other large scale consumers, by developing a supply chain for retailers that will have a multiplier effect on the informal sector.

“Eating what we grow and growing what we eat,” which is a slogan of the APRC, is taken out of context and will simply amount to subsistence agriculture which belongs to the pre- colonial era. This takes the country back to the Stone Age. Our slogan is to produce and process what we grow to ensure that we have both a self-reliant and export oriented agriculture that will guarantee food security and enable Gambian farmers to become prosperous middle income earners.

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