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Objectives, Policy and Institutions for Cultural Transformation

Strategic Objective: 

Promote and preserve cultural heritages that enhance human dignity, self- worth, liberty and prosperity and thus fuse identities and values originating from diverse cultural backgrounds into identity and values of a sovereign Community of sovereign Gambian citizens under a Republic.

Policy Directive:

Combat vestiges of prejudices emanating from ethno-linguistic origins, monarchical and caste systems, religious allegiances,  gender orientation   and other practices which undermine the integrity of a sovereign person in particular, and diverse groups in general, and manage diversity in such a way that unity is enhanced by promoting republican and democratic values  and  their  institutionalisation  to promote equality of all Gambians  in citizenship, and all other communities resident in the Gambia in rights to ensure   mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation of diversity.


Establish a four year programme to promote multi culturalism, or respect for cultural diversity, on one hand, and on the other, cultural fusion into a sovereign community of Gambians under a Republic, which recognizes no distinction among citizens with regard to the enjoyment of rights to live in liberty, dignity and prosperity.


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