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PDOIS recognizes the strategic importance and relevance of Gambians living and working abroad are to the socioeconomic development of the country. This is why the party is advocating as part of the Opposition parties Electoral and Constitutional Reform proposals, for the inclusion of Gambians living abroad in the election of public officials to manage the affairs of the country. 

It is remittances from Gambians abroad that amounts to about 1.7 billion dalasis in 2007 that serves as the lifeblood of many families in the Gambia. There also, are many Gambians of prominent intellectual and technical capacities that can serve the country in various fields. 

But in order to connect with the forces on the ground for a durable change of our current political situation, PDOIS calls on Gambians in the Diaspora to hold national conferences and form democratically constituted structures to map out area of interest and concern for partnership with the parties. 

PDOIS promises to be such a reliable partner to advocate and ensure the wishes of Gambians in the Diaspora are heard and upheld. A PDOIS government will not hesitate in tapping into the expertise and intelligentsia of the Gambian Diaspora to help build a prosperous and democratic Gambia. 

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