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There is another Gambia in view. It is waiting for the type of party which can bring about the Third Republic. There is another Gambia in view; the Third Republic is in view.

As we search for the way forward PDOIS came into being after posing the following fundamental questions: Where can we find a country where a government of the people, for the people and by the people exists? Where is the country where the direction of public affairs rests in the hands of the People? Where can we find a country where the people are free to scrutinize, expose and organize in work places, neighbourhoods and other social groups to stamp out abuse of authority, official corruption and misrepresentation? Where can we find a country whose government is determined by the will of a mature and well provided for people who elect representatives for no purpose other than to ensure proper and effective representation? Where do we find a government whose members are not privileged and who receive no greater income than they render to Society in service? Where do we find a country whose government is not only constituted by the elective principle, but whose members are also accountable for misrepresentation? Where do we find a government which is not only constituted on the basis of periodic elections, but where the people have the authority to remove those elected before their term of office ends for misrepresentation? Where can we find a country where elections are stripped off all corrupt practices, mystification, bribery, inducement and intimidation; where candidates do not need money to be heard by the electorate; where the state media are accessible to all candidates so that the electorate can balance the issues raised and compare candidates? Where can we find a non-parasitic and responsive system of representation where representatives are no longer privileged lords standing above the people, but are humble servants who are chosen by, checked on, accountable to and removable by the people whenever they fail to honour their promises and mandate? The answers are simple. They are nowhere to be found in our present day world.

Gone, therefore, are the days when any country in our present day world would claim to provide a standard for emulation by others. The fact of the matter is that humankind has now entered a decisive period. Life now confronts humanity with a task that is different from the tasks that had confronted other generations, that is the task of establishing a democracy which would finally lead the people to exercise full control over the affairs of society; a democracy based on a non-parasitic and responsive system of representation; a democracy where the people do not only elect representatives and then surrender all authority to them for a given period and become marginalised and helpless, but would constantly monitor the activities of their representatives to ensure that their will prevails throughout the term of office of those elected; a democracy where  representatives become true servants and not privileged masters of the people, a democracy based on the sovereignty of the people.

PDOIS aims to build such a party that would be able to build such a country.  

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